The oil terminal in port Vanino


Seaport of Taman, dry-cargo area


Berths for passenger lines vessels
Anapa-Novorossiysk-Gelendzhik, 2003


Seaport in a Teribersky bay
The Murmansk Region


Seaport near the settlement Sabetta on the Yamal peninsula


The oil terminal in Southern Ozereevka
as a part of Caspian pipeline consortium (CPC)


Novorossiysk port


The North-West region
and the Baltic countries


Haiphong (Vietnam)
International projects


Karachi (Pakistan)
International projects


Berbera (Somalia)
International projects


Aden, Al Hudaydah (Yemen)
International projects


Palmeyra, Tarrafal
(Cape Verde)
International projects


Felton, Matanzan, Havana (Cuba)
International projects

Berthing facilities

"LENMORNIIPROEKT" experts widely use in practice the moorings design of bulwark type. Examples: moorings No. No. 38-41 of the Tallinn port (Muuga), Estonia, moorings No. No. 32,33,36 of Ventspils port, Latvia. Design solutions of moorings, No. No. 13,14 and 15 of Murmansk port, have depths at the wharf face of 15.0 m, and they are entered in manuals, including foreign, on port design (Bruun, Per. Port engineering. - Houston, USA: Gulf Publishing Company, 1993. - Ed.4. : Vol.1-2. - 1461p. )


One of the most applied types of berthing facilities - piers. The construction is used generally at construction of specialized complexes.

The most indicative - moorings No. No. 1,2 of the oil loading Primorsk port. They have depth of 17.8 m in BS.


Another type of berthing facilities - gravity bulkhead are applied where there is the rocky soil bed or good bearing earth. The example of this construction - the mooring in port Pori (Finland), depth – 12.5 m. This mooring is built from the hollow mass concrete with the weight from 68 tons to 94 tons established on a rubble base.

It is possible to attribute this type with the construction of the steel sheets welded together in the form of big diameter covers. Depending on demanded conditions diameter of covers hovers around 8.0 m and 20.0 m. After transportation and installation the cover is filled with ground. Examples of these designs - the mooring No. 39 of Novorossiysk commercial seaport, the mooring of the deep-water JSC Transbunker oil terminal in Vanino port, moorings No. No. 72,74 of the Klaipeda commercial seaport, the mooring and the safe port groin in the Southern Ozereevka.

The Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port mooring No. 39 with depth of 11.5 m is built with use of steel shells with a diameter of 15 m and 13.5 m in height. The mooring is put into operation in 1996.

The mooring of the JSC Transbunker deep-water oil terminal in Vanino port with depth of 15 m is built with use of metal monocovers with a diameter of 15 m and 16 m in height. The mooring is put into operation in 1995.

Moorings No. No. 72,74 of the Klaipeda sea trade port.


The mooring and the groin of the protective port in the Southern Ozereevka.

The mooring and the groin of the protective port in the Southern Ozereevka.

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